Speakers Corner

Modelled after the famous Speakers Corner in London’s Hyde Park, where everyone in the Kingdom – one at a time – could let off steam, express an opinion, be critical of government, church or a neighbor, present a new plan to save the world and more without fear of recrimination by the authorities. And this right was written into Common Law.

This is your speaker’s corner; use it to write a sentence, a paragraph or a page It will be read and a response is likely.

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Oh, when to the heart of man
was it ever less than a treason
To go with the drift of things,
to yield with a grace to reason.
To bow and accept the end
of a love or a season.

by Robert Frost

A New Book Release

In the novel the 15th century Florentine composer “Claudio Marchetto Casserta” saw his world not much different from the way we perceive ours – corrupt, manipulated by powerful special interests, held together by force and all subservient to the dictates of money (Global Capital). And he decides to do something about it, to warn his …