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In the novel the 15th century Florentine composer “Claudio Marchetto Casserta” saw his world not much different from the way we perceive ours – corrupt, manipulated by powerful special interests, held together by force and all subservient to the dictates of money (Global Capital). And he decides to do something about it, to warn his fellow citizens of the impending danger and pleading to stop or even reverse the trend.

Claudio’s time was the beginning of the reformation, the most cataclysmic revolution in the history of man. In the recent past, especially during election campaigns, the word “revolution” has been used freely and frequently by all candidates. What did they mean? Do they know? Probably, and they also know that something must change but until it does, they are the defenders of their “comfortable status quo”.

The list is almost endless: Healthcare with all its tributaries. It’s about the health of the people not of the system and its components. Housing and Homelessness. Addiction, both legal and illegal. Education and the financing of it. Excessive crime and its causes. The curse of unemployment and the prospect of a bleak future in poverty for a large segment of society and many more issues. And the unifying element of all of these ills is “Global Capital”, which like a cancer cell grows exponentially until it self-destructs. And those, who control it and serve it know it and will do everything in their power to put off the inevitable and when the eruption happens try to direct it to their advantage.

And where does this ever-growing mountain of capital/money/cash come from? The interest from your mortgage, your car, your boat, your student loan, your credit card, your appliances, your payday advance and even your holidays if you vacation on credit. This is interest on private debt, add the interest on public debt, municipalities, states and federal and every taxing authority because the power of taxation is the most desirable collateral.

What to do with all this cash? The obvious answer is “Invest”. There are not enough solid, economically sound, productive investment opportunities to even make a dent in the mountain of cash. To the rescue comes “Privatization” of public services, facilities and goods. The public treasury has an immediate benefit and the investor a source of steady income and the Capital continues to grow.

Who owns this mountain of cash – yes, there are registered owners, individuals and institutions, but they only have a leasehold, not unlike the kings of Monarchial times, who held absolute power for life or until it was taken away from them.

This” Global Capital” and it has nothing to do with Capitalism, the Financial/Economic system under which most of the world operates, has a life and agenda of its own. Its focus is absolut power over the human and material resources of our earth. It has no loyalty to any country. It favors those, which it considers hospitable to its goals and will sanction and de-stabilize those, which it perceives as hostile.

Its managers/servants come from all over the globe, are compensated beyond their wildest dreams and while showing allegiance to their country, their corporation their God etc. their real loyalty is with it. They are the “Fausts” of our age. It’s Orwell’s 1984.

Can that force be neutralized? Yes, and some have tried it and paid for it with their lives and the disintegration of their country. And yes, it can be done by the major players in this world and the tool with which to accomplish this is “Taxation”. At this time the political will does not exist.

In the novel, the Oratorio chapter, God interferes and solves the dilemma by removing the two cardinal sins “Greed and Envy” from the realm of man’s conscious thought. This is not likely to happen, but we should not rule it out.


  1. Karen Marsala

    Good Story! I’ve enjoyed watching this story unfold into the novel it is. You have a gift with words that is evident in the writing. I look forward to your next piece.

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